The beginning of a New Year… it holds so many dreams and goals for us all. The best way forward is to not live in the past, but to grow from our pasts. I have to say that 2019 was not what I had dreamed or had goals for.

The plans I had made to work on a cruise liner, didn’t eventuate and I found myself overseas with no plans and no home to return to. But the world is our oyster as the saying goes and I used the time to read and train up with yoga and to set more goals and to live some dreams.

One thing about being out of one’ s comfort zone is that you need to go with the flow even more, try new things and have good habits when you can..

October 2020 ….Little did any of us know what 2020 had in store and how life as many knew it would changed so dramatically.. My ideas to start more online offerings has become the norm for many yoga teachers and workers.

I have started recording more yoga sessions and now have my own  You Tube channel  and also write articles for another web page ( Collective Wisdom Global ).. My health interests and continued learning are still my main focus and I am looking forward to sharing with others in person or on calls.