August 2021

Here we are in another lockdown in Qld, Australia.  The only good thing to come out from these enforced lockdowns is that we have more time to learn from our mistakes and to start to make better choices for our future health care.

At this time it’s still our right to choose how we look after ourselves and the lengths one wants to go to. I have made it my life long passion to learn about healthy habits and to choose natural foods and products. I feel so grateful that I have not followed the medical system and its band aid approach to illness. I take only supplements and clean foods to enhance my health and well being.

I choose to make healthy choices in my foods daily and have upped my fresh air opportunities, getting out on either the bike or on foot for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

With so much fear about from local media and in the community I believe that we should be learning to relax and de stress more, be that restorative poses, meditation or breathing sessions.

The bottom line is learning to listen to the body, tuning in, placing your attention onto areas, breathing into it and sensing what is going on in that area. Stay open to what ever comes up for you, it may be a memory or an image or thought.  Like all things done constantly, we get better at it and I try to use this sense of self particularly while exercising.

If you are just starting out on your transformation, start slow, build your confidence daily, see the bigger picture, know your why and above all put yourself first. !

Expand your boundaries, have fun and live life to the fullest.