Sweaty, Bloaty, Forgetful, Sleepy, Itchy, Bitchy, and Psysho.

What have these symptoms all got in common?

They are the 7 dwarfs of MENOPAUSE.


I deal with the desire of women to banish their belly fat, and to deal with these and many, many, more symptoms females can experience when they are no longer balanced in their hormones. Up to 80 % of women suffer from symptoms like these.

Using the latest research and proven methods to see where our hormones levels are and to work together to rebalance them is the first step in feeling more like we should.

By women educating themselves about what is happening throughout their menstrual cycle and keeping a daily journal to become more mindful of their digestion and elimination, the type of exercise they are choosing and their daily stress levels, they can make positive changes for the better and help to banish the 7 dwarfs of menopause.

What is menopause?

Menopause is a term that refers to the end of menstruation, the result of the natural decline in the hormones estrogen and progesterone produced in the ovaries. After years of preparing and releasing eggs the ovaries eventually reach a point where they end their monthly routine.

Once a woman has gone for 12 consecutive months without a period, then she is considered menopausal. Menopause may signal the end of fertility, but it also is the beginning of another new and potentially rewarding time in a woman’s life. It’s a gateway to our passage of power, a time of choice and should be about finding out what we really want. It’s a time to take charge and shape the remaining chapters of our life.

The menopause years are normally around 51, peri menopause years from age 40 -51 and pre-menopause years before 40. In rare cases menopause can occur as early as 30 and as late as 60.

It is the hormonal imbalance, the changes of estrogen and progesterone in our monthly cycle that create the highs and lows as we transition towards menopause. Eventually estrogen levels drop off at approximately 40 to 60 % of its pre-menopausal levels and progesterone can fall close to zero.

Being 40 plus is a time to re think, it’s a time to develop a new set of rules.

What worked at 20 or 30 something does not work at 40 plus.

You do not have accept any of the uncomfortable, painful symptoms of hormone fluctuation that many women experience. Start planning for an easy transition through menopause and enjoy the process and journey to being a wise woman.

Old Belief

Contrary to the old medical belief that viewed menopause as part of inevitable ageing, I like what Dr Christiane Northrup has to say, from her book The Wisdom of Menopause, she writes; “At midlife, more psychic energy becomes available to us than at any time since adolescence.”

How you think and live day to day can ultimately impact your livelyhood and the outcome of your menopause journey.

Set goals and know what you want to achieve, then commit to a healthier future.

Holistic Health and well-being.

I use yoga to support the health and spiritual awakening of menopausal women during this important transition and the years that follow. Yoga reduces the effects of menopause’s hormonal and glandular changes taking place during this period.

Yoga supports and encourages this natural movement to look within, rather than seeking answers and validation from others. It helps us to develop a detached state of mind, an inner awareness leading to life-long habits.